18 Memes Singles will Totally Appreciate

If you’re taking a break from dating right now, I get it.

But we always want what we can’t have, don’t we? As we sit inside our homes, staring at the outside world like a long lost lover, we think about what we could have had. Long evening strolls along the canal, a shared bag of popcorn in a dark movie theatre, and board games at The Loft await us out there. 

If you’re happy and healthy indoors though, let’s take it as a gift! You’ve got the perfect excuse to lay low and maybe mend a few wounds that the dating pool may have inflicted. 

We’re celebrating the best way we know how: with memes that make us thankful that we’re on hiatus from the dating world!

1. At least our friends mean well, right?

2. Stay single! Date your friends!

3. Think of all the free time you have to conjure up new interests!

4. Hard to be awkward when you don’t interact with anybody, right? 

5. When you can’t take photos in Cuba for your dating profile so you make due with what’s in your backyard.

6. Let your freak flag fly, my friend.

7. Thankfully they can’t kiss you through the phone like that.

8. Love is pain.

9. Don’t hate the player, hate the television shows that taught us how to play.

10. My spirit animal is a bull. 

11. Being a third wheel is actually really fun once you get over the fear of being alone forever. 

12. I’m very cultured

13. Sign me up!

14. When they aren’t following the script you wrote for them in your head.

15. Maybe I misinterpreted the instructions? 

16. Let’s agree to leave the trash where it belongs, all right?

17. Relationship status: it’s complicated.

18. Be your own soulmate!

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