Best Dating Apps That are About More than Just Swiping

When you think of dating apps, what comes to mind?

Probably Tinder or Bumble right? Apps that use swiping to find someone? Swipe-based apps are pretty common, giving you the option to reject fellow singles with a quick glance at their photo and a swipe of your finger. 

It’s an easy way to sift through profiles and as a result a lot of swipe-based apps have been accused of being nothing more than a game. They've gamified the dating process.

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To overcome this, now dating apps are refraining from including a swiping feature at all. Instead opting for planning the date for you or giving your best friends the option to find you “the one”.

Let's get you dating again and rest your fingers.


Here’s the thing about Wandure. We've eliminated the swiping and jumped immediately to the date. Why make connections in the virtual world, if that’s where they’ll stay?

What started as a way for people to find travel buddies and has since brought dating back into the real world. Like most dating apps you start with a profile which showcases your most Instagram-able pictures and from there you take a look at fellow users who are also in search of something more than endless swiping. 

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Give us your date, budget and availability and the app plans the date for you.

It’s only once you find out where you're going on your surprise date that you have the chance to talk with your match - so no endless chatting with a stranger before you meet!


Badoo has more than 400 million users worldwide and is in the same umbrella company as Bumble. Badoo doesn’t include swiping so you can  search through a smaller pool of potential dates and even offers the option to upload a photo of your celebrity crush to find similar looking users (just remember that just because someone looks like Chris Evans doesn’t mean they act like them). 

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You’re also able to connect to your Facebook, incase you want to spend more time meeting new users and less time stressing over the perfect profile pic. 


You might have seen ads for Hinge popping up on social media, claiming to be the “dating app designed to be deleted.” It’s meant for people who are tired of swiping and desperate to get off dating apps.

Similar to apps like Tinder, you sign up and are shown a bunch of users based on criteria like age and gender. If they like you, you can like them back. Congratulations! You’re matched and now you can message each other back and forth. 

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The profiles Hinge presents to you are a little more specific. They match you will people you share Facebook friends with or connects you with people whose Facebook friends share Facebook friends with you. It’s less about “who’s available” and more about “who’s available in your social network.” 


Unlike traditional dating apps that let the user choose the date, Ship puts your friends, parents, siblings and roommates in control. Ship believe that, “friends are just as significant as your significant other.” 

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They become a part of your “crew” and then have the opportunity to swipe on dating profiles on the user's behalf and using a group messaging feature known as the “crew chat” to discuss the pros and cons of potential matches. Your friends often know you better than you know yourself, so why not let your inner circle become a part of the dating experience?


FairyTrail is an app for “Digital Nomads” and built for travellers. Can you work and live anywhere? This app helps you meet other people like you.

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You start by creating a profile to match with fellow singles in your country (or far away.) Pick your destination and if your match chooses the right one you’ll be connected. 


OkCupid’s slogan is “Dating deserves better”. They’re the ones with the rainbow coloured ads and the billboards redefining what DTF means.

If you’ve gone through the process of creating a dating profile you know questions can way too deep to the point of being fake (it’s like they’re begging you to lie). The good news is that OkCupid asks some genuinely fun questions like "Would you rather share a kiss in a tent or a kiss in Paris?" or "Would you rather go to a music festival or sporting event?" 

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They recently launched their Ask Yourself ad campaign, “...that encourages singles to define what matters most to them when it comes to relationships.” And of course, you also ask more basic questions about yourself!

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