Enjoy Ottawa in the Winter with these Awesome Spots

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year we like to forget about that time when we’re enjoying a hot summer’s day by the lake, or lounging by the pool, or simply going for a walk and taking in the rays. Minus 30 has arrived. 

And for those who wish for a white Christmas, you will be thrilled - a white Christmas you will have. For those of us who will be spending Christmas in a movie theatre and eating Chinese food (shout out to my fellow Channukah celebrating tribe members), we will also be sure to appreciate the beauty of the lights against the soft white snow. 

Broken fortune cookie

But what all of us share, whether we celebrate the big day or not, is a desire to stay warm in these frigid, frigid temperatures. 

We’ve searched far and wide for fun, warm activities to keep you toasty this holiday season, when you just can’t spend another moment in your house watching Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus, or Hallmark Holiday Films (we don’t judge). 
So grab your mits and hats for the commute to these awesome indoor activities that await you. Divided by expensive and less expensive ideas for those with cushy wallets and those with super thin wallets - we’ve got you.

Big Spender (Some moola)

Hot Yoga at Pure Yoga (pricey but worthy)

Get your zen on with a hot yoga class. This will nourish your soul while increasing your blood flow and warming you from the inside out.

Woman in the middle of a yoga pose

Sweat it out at F45  

Ever heard of HIIT? It’s High Intensity Interval Training and it's hard, sweaty, and totally dopamine pumping. With awesome high energy trainers, great music, and a stellar work out and community, with F45 the high intensity is felt by all. Leave your ego at the door, and warm up quickly with F45's 7-day $20.00 trial. 

F45 gym wall branding

Go see a play The Gladstone, the GCTC, or the National Arts Centre

Going to the theatre (side note: theatre must be pronounced like you’re an elderly British bloke) is a very nice way to spend an afternoon or evening. Support local theatre at The Gladstone or GCTC. Also, check out cheap NAC ticket options using the Live Rush feature (if you’re under 29). 

See live music at Irene's Pub

An Ottawa staple, this is a great spot to check out live music and enjoy the energy around you.

Get your knitting on with Wabi-Sabi

Classes can be pricey, but well worth while when you walk away with a skill and a super cute chunky, hand-knit hat.

Brown kniting

Frugal Fred

Eat mini-donuts at PudgyBoys 

These are cheap, delicious, and in-doors. All criteria have been met. Plus it has a super cute retro vibe inside. 

Two mini-donuts stacked on top of each other

Go to a Museum or the Art Gallery  

Not super pricey, museums are an Ottawa treasure. Often us Ottawans don’t take full advantage of the beauty of our infrastructure. So get inside an Ottawa museum (any of them, we have so many), perhaps one of the temporary exhibits, and get exploring. 

Laugh at Absolute Comedy on Preston

A good giggle warms you like no other, after all laughter is the best medicine. For a $6 - $20 a person at the door, you can have a funny evening to keep you entertained and warm.

Old school microphone

Walk around Chapters/Indigo, maybe splurge on a latte 

Indigo (formerly Chapters) is one of those places that just evokes warmth. Your imagination can run wild as you explore books of all kinds - historical fiction, fantasy, auto-biographies, self-help. You name it, they have it. You can dabble and explore, create a list of the books you want, then go home and see if your local Ottawa Public Library has it, and then decide if you want to wait on the waiting list or buy it!

Library shelf full of books

But before you leave to do so, indulge in the book offerings on the shelves of Indigo, then indulge in the trinket offerings. And if you’re splurging, do all of the above with a warm Starbucks drink in hand. Can you say perfection?

Eat pancakes at Flapjack's
Growing up pancakes were a family favourite. Each and every Sunday my dad would bake the fluffiest of pancakes, and when my brother grew into the awesome young man he is, he created a restaurant to launch our family favourites to the world. Try a panwich (like the one pictures below), and get it sans bacon for a veg version. They also have GF, vegan pancakes. Enjoy! 

Breakfast sandwich with bacon and eggs

Go on a date with Wandure

The brainchild of local Ottawans, Wandure connects you and other singles with customized, local adventures.

Finding your partner in crime is no swiping matter, with Wandure, a match = a date.
Once you find your match on the app, Wandure plans a local date for you and your match based on your shared interests. You then meet up for a pre-planned real-life, real-time date. No endless swiping and no tedious texting – just dates, and maybe even a meaningful and lasting snuggle buddy.

Stay warm, Ottawa.

Two llamas with scarves on hopping around

Overwhelmed by online dating?
Replace :) with an actual smile. Get to know your matches IRL with Wandure.

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