Where to Find Free Crossword Puzzles

When we travel we like to keep our minds sharp. And crosswords are a fantastic way to do that.

But with everything that we have to pay for nowadays, paying for a crossword is not top priority. So, for the practical (and frugal) amongst us let’s delve into this list of FREE crosswords for your crossword-ing needs.

Note: Cross-wording is likely not a word you will find in a crossword puzzle

Why a crossword?

So why should you attempt a crossword?

First. A crossword is a puzzle that challenges your vocabulary (and your patience).

Second. It is one that can be started and stopped at your leisure (unless an app is timing you).

And third. It’s a fabulous way to pass time before you head out on your Wandure adventure.

Your mind will thank you.

Online newspapers

Using the wi-fi at your hostel or accommodation, you can plug into a variety of online newspapers that offer decent free crosswords.Here are some great online newspaper offerings of daily crosswords - many of which are longer than the mini-crossword!-   USA Today

- The Washington Post

- The Guardian

- The Toronto Star

And if you don’t have much time, check out the New York Times’ mini crossword daily. While you have to pay for the longer version, the mini-crossword is free, quite speedy to complete, and fun! I enjoy it daily.

Online (beyond newspapers)

Here are some online daily crossword puzzle offerings beyond newspapers.

- The Merriam Webster Dictionary


- Boatload Puzzles

- Dictionary.com

- MindFood

Crossword apps for your phone

There’s also a plethora of free crossword apps for your phone! While you may have to suffer through a few ads, it is a small price to pay for an otherwise free experience. Some of the apps have interesting twists to the traditional crossword including emojis (<3)

Some awesome apps for iOS and Android include:

- Clean Crosswords ( iOS and Android)

- Crossword Quiz ( iOS and Android)

- Daily Themed Crossword ( iOS and Android)

- World’s Biggest Crossword ( iOS and Android)

- Wordscapes ( iOS and Android) - And when you get frustrated, and want a little help, check out Wordscapesanswer

Good, old fashioned paper newspapers

Visiting a country whose national language is your mother tongue? Find a local newspaper. You’ll get to see local news, and engage in the daily crossword.

For example, if I were visiting an English speaking country I’d seek out the local newspaper and try my hand at a crossword puzzle, because the selection of words for that puzzle is influenced by the culture of the society you find yourself in! An interesting lens into the local scene. Plus you may even look like a local as you sip your coffee with your newspaper crossword at a local café

Having trouble finding one pesky word?

If you’re at your wits end and can’t figure out that final word, check out wordplays.com, the crossword clue finder for an assist. There are plenty of other crossword clue finders, but this one is my personal favourite.

Then you can put your phone down and adventure with Wandure.

W-A-N-D-U-R-E (while not technically the proper spelling, we like it).

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