How To Have An Amazing First Date This Cuffing Season

Now that it’s cold outside, people are coupling up. This is known as “cuffing season”.

This is the time of year where people seek out a little romance to keep themselves warm during the frigid nights. If you haven’t dated in a while, however, cuffing season can seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips on how to have an amazing first date!

Learn More About Your Date

It’s perfectly normal to want to know more about your romantic prospect before going on a first date. Social media is a great way to figure out what someone is like beyond their dating app profile. It can also come in handy for when you meetup. You can reference something you may have learned from your research — just be subtle so it doesn’t come off as abrasive. For instance, if they post a lot about cooking, you can bring up some fabulous recipes you have recently mastered.

Choose The Right Location 

For your first date, pick a location that is peaceful and quiet. Especially during a pandemic, your health and safety should be a priority. You should follow theCOVID-19 guidelines of your city.  Choose an outdoor bar or park that isn’t that crowded and lowers your risk of transmitting or contracting the coronavirus.

Do you get anxious coming up with plans for a date? It can be tough to come up with so many fresh ideas. There’s a dating app that can make the whole process way easier. Wandure offers a date idea for every new match, allowing you to focus on getting to know this person better without the stress of planning. 

Appearance and Attitude Matters!

Everyone feels a little nervous during the first date. However, there are ways to make that nervous energy work for you. Be friendly, charming, and have a positive attitude. Put on that cool outfit that helps you be your confident, best self.Stay on top of your personal hygiene and do your skincare routine. It’s also important to address any insecurities you might have, whether that means looking into treatments for thinning hair, or finding the best ways to whiten your teeth. Even the smallest change can give you the confidence boost you need.

Bring Your A-Game

Keep it old school — be polite, gracious, and a total gentleman. Open the door for your date and make sure they get home safely. Do not touch your phone during the duration of the meetup and make sure to get a good night’s rest the day before so you’re alert and attentive. Some people find it helpful to go for a jog or get some exercise to shake off the nerves. Do what you have to do to present your best self.

Ladies and gentlemen, cuffing season is here! Whether you find someone to snuggle with or not, you should approach dating with an open mind. You’re putting yourself out there and meeting new people.Wherever you end up, enjoy the ride!

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