Montreal Speed Dating is a Thing

Speed dating is totally a bucket list item. 

It’s straight out of an episode of Sex in the City. Speed dating that is. And every girl who grew up watching Samantha in action wants to give it a try. For others, speed dating can seem like an awesome way to meet someone in person in a fun, casual way. An alternative to the dating app scene.

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What is speed dating?

Here’s the gist of it.

You find an organized speed dating event. You sign up. You show up. You get a name-tag and scorecard. Bring your gem of a personality along for the ride as you’re paired up with other singles for approximately 5 minutes of conversation. Once the bell rings, or some equivalent, you write down whether or not you gelled with that person and would like to chat beyond the speedy encounter.

You then move onto the next 5 minute speed date, and so on and so forth. 

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If the people you’ve selected as wanting to see again marked you down as the same, the speed dating organizers will provide you guys with one another’s contact info so you can organize a date! It's all in your hands from there, to plan a date (one that’s longer than 5 minutes - we hope). 

Where did speed dating originate?

In 1998 Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Los Angeles invented speed dating, creating a scene that would develop into a global mechanism to meet your soulmate. 

As a proud Jewish girl, I relished in finding out that speed dating was actually created by a Rabbi looking to help Jewish singles find love. Curated to have singles meet their beshert (soulmate) and make their Bubbies happy. Such great origins. Not kidding about the Rabbi, but semi-kidding about the Bubbies (aka: yiddish for grandmother). 

Well done Rabbi, well done. 

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But does it work?

When you show up for your speed dating adventure, make sure to take yourself lightly. Put on that name tag and stay present in the experience. Meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right isn't the sole focus, rather staying grounded and enjoying the moment is. The altar isn't waiting for you after your 5 minute chat - just stay natural, stay true, and get enjoy the flow of it all! No doubt you'll feel the thrill of it from the environment alone!

Name tags and sharpies

One tip: Maybe have an arsenal of questions up your sleeve to open with and chat about. You may get someone who isn't the chattiest, and while you can sit there for the duration of your time together, you can also hit them with some questions to break the ice.

And let it go if the energy doesn't flow in the 5 minute slot, you have some other guy or gal coming your way.

Like any dating endeavour, an open mind is your best tool.

Where to speed-date in Montreal?

There are actually quite few trendy places to check out speed dating in Montreal. Here are a few:

Dashing Date is Montreal based and one of Canada’s top speed dating and singles event company. Definitely worthwhile exploring!

Speed Dating Montreal hosts some awesome events. For $25.00, you get 20 dates and a great experience (plus endless tales to share with your crew).

MyCheekyDate provides a full repertoire of speed dating happenings in Montreal with delineated age ranges.

You can check them out and sign up on Eventbrite!

Happy speed-dating, Montreal! And make sure you do a l'chaim (aka: cheers) for the Rabbi at your wedding.

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