Singles Have Spoken: Valentine's Day Should be Canceled

It’s February which means we’re constantly bombarded with bouquets of roses and red and pink coloured hearts everywhere we go.

As we see the calendar slowly creep towards the 14th, it’s no surprise that singles are feeling the pressure to couple up. While some may see the most romantic day of the year as a time to celebrate all things love and friendship, others are calling to #cancel Valentine’s Day.

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According to a new study by dating app Plenty of Fish, Valentine's Day isn’t just receiving mixed reviews from singles - they’re now officially over it.

They surveyed 2,000 U.S.-based singles in December 2019 and January 2020.

The Pressures of Valentine's Day & Dating study reveals “that 43% of singles consider Valentine's Day to be the most pressure-filled holiday, with 1 in 5 wishing the holiday was canceled altogether.”

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Sure handing out Valentines in elementary school was cute, but apparently the holiday is losing its lustre.

According to Stefan Harvalias, the VP Marketing, Plenty of Fish, their research revealed that singles desire low-pressure dating situations and are just plain tired of the unrealistic expectations that society and social media place on them (especially during this time of year).

What do Singles Have to Say about Valentine’s Day Pressure?

The study showed that most of the pressure of Valentine’s Day comes from younger singles. 60% of Gen Zers and 52% of Millennials admitted to feeling the heat. A lot of these pressures are coming from external sources tied to things like societal expectations (58%), endless advertising of the big day (57%), and of course all the hype on social media(48%).

And we can’t forget that singles are also feeling the pressure, “to be romantic (51%), be in a relationship (43%), go on a date (42%), spend more money on gifts than they want to (37%), act like the holiday is meaningful (41%), or show others they have a Valentine (36%).

Needless to say, sweetheart candies with messages like “soul mate” and “sweet pea” may be stressing people out more than we realize.

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This year, only 20% of singles are excited for Valentine's Day.

Despite what seems to be an increasing dislike for Valentine's Day, the study also showed that singles are still willing to take a chance with dating apps for the holiday - 37% saying they reply to more messages, 36% update their profile pictures and 29% initiate more conversations leading up to Valentine’s Day. If you're looking for an app that doesn't enjoy endless virtual pen-pals, try Wandure where a date is guaranteed.

The Valentine’s Day Dating Archetypes

Plenty of Fish also revealed their “Valentine's Day Dating Archetypes”, basically a list of four key Valentine's Day personalities to watch out for this year based on their results:

The Hopeful Romantics: Those who prefer spending Valentine’s Day with their significant other. 23% of singles, including nearly 1/3 of Millennials agree that love wins on February 14.

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The Puppy Lovers: Not having a romantic partner doesn’t mean you have to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Companionship can also come from your pet. In fact 12% of singles agree it’s better to spend the holiday with man’s best friend.

The Forget-ME-Nots: These singles prefer to take a “me day” and spend the day focusing on themselves. You certainly don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy, but Valentine’s Day can sometimes paint a different picture. In fact, 1/3 of singles prefer to spend the day solo. On top of that, almost 60 % of singles believe it's more important to focus on self-care on February 14th than a date.

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The PALentines: You’ve probably heard the term “GALentines Day '' thrown around during February and what better way to relieve the pressure than to spend it with friends? Seventeen percent of singles, including nearly 1/4 of Gen Zers,  would prefer to spend Valentine's Day with their friends.

Needless to say, singles are over the pressure of Valentine’s Day. Spend it with your pet, your friends, your significant or taking the time to focus on you, but don’t feel the need to plan something elaborate just because flower shops are suddenly advertising bouquets of roses more frequently than normal.

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