Support Montreal Coffee Shops During COVID-19

These be troubling times for coffee lovers (and I’m not just saying that because I’m running dangerously low on espresso beans).

As we know, Montreal is home to more than just Starbucks and Second Cup. Unfortunately, the current rules surrounding quarantine prevent us from walking through the Mile End or Old Port in search of the best cappuccino in the city.

Fear not espresso lovers! Hope is not lost and coffee is still available! A number of Montreal coffee shops are still open with reduced hours or are strictly doing deliveries.

And if you still can’t manage to get your hands on your next cup of coffee at least you’ll know what to expect when Wandure sets you up on a date (post-quarantine of course!) 

latte on a pink table with leaves above

Petit Lapin

Ever since Petit Lapin began offering the most elaborate, pastel coloured unicorn lattés Canada has ever seen, Instagrammers and coffee lovers have been flocking to their two locations. 

We’re sad to say they’ve had to temporarily close. 

Can you order one of their unicorn lattés? Unfortunately no.

But can you order macarons, mini pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cream puffs and donuts? ABSOLUTELY!

At their online boutique, Petit Lapin’s products are gluten free, lactose free, free of the ten priority food allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, milk, eggs, seafood, soy, wheat, and vegan. They’ve got their bases covered! And if you were still holding onto hope for your unicorn latté, don’t worry. Many of their other baked goods also have a unicorn twist. 

Chiado 28

The name is a mix of the Chiado district in Lisbon and tram No. 28. It’s known for being one of Lisbon’s most famous shopping and artistic districts, and is now popular with tourists for its shops, as well as its cafes and restaurants. Naturally it became the inspiration for one of Montreal’s best coffee shops: Chiado 28

At the Portuguese bistro café, they bring the influences and styles of Portuguese and European coffees to Montreal alongside other classics such as pasteis de nata and a variety of pizzas. 

They also happen to be one of the few coffee shops that has remained open during quarantine (with reduced hours!) You can check them out from Monday to Saturday 8-21 or Sunday from 9-21. 

If you’d rather stay safe and tucked away at home they also offer delivery (including those Dalgona coffees that are popping up all over Instagram.)

Livia Matcha

Man holding a matche latte in a clay mug over a wooden table

Livia Matcha is new to Downtown Montreal, after a swift move from Westmount to Peel. 

If you're new to the world of Match, it literally translates to "powdered tea." Essentially you’re drinking the actual ground-up leaves and Livia serves it in a bunch of their products such as slats, lemonades, and coffees. 

They serve only ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan and unfortunately, like many other businesses across the island they’ve had to close their doors. This isn’t to say you can’t still support them. They set up an “Employee relief fund” in order to support their team members affected by COVID-19 and 70% of every LIVIA gift card purchased through Brunette went to this fund. The remaining 30% was used to cover food costs and credit card processing fees. 

The emergency fund has come to an end but (if you don’t mind waiting a little longer to try some of the best Matcha in town) you can still purchase gift cards and support them here!

Chez José

What can you expect from Chez José? Breakfast, seafood soup and Portuguese brunch, vegan options, coffee, savoury crêpes, burritos, végé sandwiches and natural smoothies and drinks.

They’re currently adjusting their services for the coming weeks by closing the dining room to the public and taking necessary hygienic measures to ensure the protection of all employees and customers. They’re only taking deliveries but as we continue to get updates on how COVID-19 is developing in the city, they post updates on their Facebook page. You can check it out here to find out about deliveries, spontaneous opening hours and new menu items!

Latte on a red saucer cup with a white background

Noble Café

Noble Café is an independent, third wave café, located in the heart of Plateau Mont Royal, a stone's throw from Laurier metro station. They’re currently operating on reduced hours for the safety of staff and customers but you can usually swing by between 11-3 (but check their Facebook page for updates!) 

Le café Chat l’heureux

Le Chat l'Heureux café is a cafe / restaurant that is open to everyone who enjoys the company of cats and believes it’s ideal to do so while enjoying a hot drink. All the cats at Le Café Chat l’Heureux come from different shelters in the greater Montreal area and were chosen for their sociability with other cats and with humans.

They offer a wide social component and raise awareness of the animal cause, offer workshops for children, pet therapy activities for people with disabilities, and even plan themed days.

The cafés temporary closure means you can’t visit with the kittens, but they do have food deliveries (and they post daily updates on how the kitties are doing on their social media!)

The Standard Café

The Standard Café operates out of four locations across Montreal: Westmount, Quartier des Spectacles, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End. 

Espresso beans in a white bag

They are an independent, locally owned coffee shop and just launched their private label to make Montrealers “feel [that they] are with you at home.” From the comfort of your home they, “deliver your favourite beans, coffee ware and vegan milks.” Or, if you feel like taking a walk and getting some fresh air they’re open for business. 

Café Leaves

three lattes on a wooden table surrounded by green plants

Cafe Leaves is known for its plant-based milk options and vegan snacks from local companies such as Doughnats. Unlike other coffee shops which offer vegan options, Café Leaves, “only serves vegetable milk when you want milk with your coffee, 100% Plant-Based pastries and plants.” 

So if you’re looking to support one of the city's best vegan coffee shops you can check out their website for a variety of skincare brands, cosmetics, accessories and apparel. Or grab yourself a gift card and use it to enjoy a vegan latté when social distancing becomes a thing of the past.

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