The Best Dating Apps in Montreal

Montreal is known for being in a constant state of festival season, great food and people who can effortlessly flip between English and French.

It’s a city where ⅔ of the population is bilingual and plenty speak a third language. Oh, and in 2016 just over 50% of Montrealers identified as single. So if you’re looking to couple up, there are plenty of others looking to do the same. 

Luckily, Montreal is also home to plenty of dating apps to help you on your search for “the one”. Whether you’re looking for an app with a strong female lead or your answer to endless swiping, Montreal has you covered.  

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No cat fishing. No endless swiping. No tedious texting. Just dates. Sounds like a dream come true right?  Wandure (incredibly!) makes it happen. 

It's a free app too! What started as a way for people to find travel buddies and has since brought dating back into the real world. Like most dating apps you start with a profile which showcases your most Instagram-able pictures and from there you take a look at fellow users who are also in search of something more than endless swiping. 

Give us your date, budget and availability and the app plans the date for you. It’s only once you find out where you're going on your surprise date that you have the chance to talk with your match - so no endless chatting with a stranger before you meet!

Woman rock-climbing in indoor rock-climbing gym

Wandure has launched in Ottawa and Montreal. So expect to see more and more surprise dates taking place on Mont Royal and popping up throughout Old Port. 

Say Allo

Say Allo originally launched in the United States in 2018 and only recently made its way to Montreal at the beginning of this year. It’s marketed as a “relationship discovery" platform for “more mature singles ages between their late 20s and early 50s, who have valuable life experience, are less interested in casual relationships and yearning for the ideal partner and a relationship that will stand the test of time.”

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It’s powered by SmartSwipe, a continuous algorithm that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) technology. It learns your interests and attraction as you swipe, saving you time by guiding you to better results. You can even set up secure video calls for a face-to-face meeting. 

They help you find the compatible option and then all you have to do is say 'allo.


Have you ever thought you found “the one” only to find out they can’t put together a good playlist to save their life? Music says a lot about a person, and for some people their most played music on Spotify can make or break a relationship. 

Couple about to kiss

Tastebuds uses music to bring people together.

All you have to do is share your favourite music, songs and artists and the app will start connecting you nearby music lovers. They connect you with hundreds of thousands of members through things like gigs, festivals and music meet ups.  Oh and it’s free (which means you can still save up for Céline Dion’s concert this February!) 


On Bumble, women run the show by making the first move.When members of the opposite sex match on Bumble, women are required to make the first move within 24 hours. It’s a way to “[shift] old-fashioned power dynamics and encouraging equality from the start.” 

Bumble gives you the option to use icons and filters to display your passions and filter for like-minded individuals. Show what type of relationship you’re looking for, your height, education and even your zodiac sign.

Couple seated beside each other. Woman is laughing. Man isn't


Happn is all about finding people you’ve crossed paths with. Take the same route to work everyday, grab coffee and a muffin at the same café every Sunday morning? You have a daily routine and Happn helps you find the people you didn’t know were a part of it. 

They’re essentially trying to give you rom-com moment. You know, a meet-cute? The two main characters cross paths; maybe one knocks into the other and they’re forced to stare into each others eyes and touch hands as they pick up all their papers that unceremoniously fell on the floor. It’s perfect (except it never happens in real life!) Whenever you cross paths with another happn user in the street, their profile appears in your Timeline! 

Illustration on a wall of a couple kissing under an umbrella

We’ve all had the experience of making eye contact with someone across the room and it making a long lasting impression. Now Happn is helping people seize the opportunity.


HER is “For Queer Womxn, by Queer Womxn”. With more than 4 million lesbian, bisexual and queer people on HER, it’s the world's largest free dating app for LGBTQ women. Along with helping you find “Her”, they also, “...share LGBTQ+ news, all the lesbian and queer events taking place in your area and have smaller community groups so you can meet others in a safe, group chat.”

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