The Trendiest Dating Terms

Ever been the victim of Glamboozling or been guilty of Eclipsing?

Or maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about.

That's fair - these are the newest trends in dating that now have their very own terms to describe the phenomenon at play.

Since 2017, Plenty of Fish has polled its members to identify the newest major trends tied to dating, relationships and breakups.

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Back in 2018, for example, they introduced us to the term “Vulturing” where someone suddenly becomes much more romantically interested in someone when you sense their relationship is about to break up, and so, they swoop in to woo them.

"Dating is changing, and our annual trends survey reflects what singles will and won't accept from their partners,"

More than 1,000 Plenty of Fish users in the United States users between the ages of 18 and 50 were polled in November of 2019. These trends shine a light into the lives of singles in the ever-changing digital age.

So what words can we expect to hear in 2020? 

Trending dating words of 2020

Cause-playing: This happens when a casual relationship fizzles out, only for the person to circle back later with a favour to ask (usually about supporting a good cause). They might ask for you to support their bands upcoming show or support someone’s new kick-starter project. Shockingly, 61% of singles have had someone break up with them only to hear back a few weeks later with a favour to ask. 

Dial-toning: It might sound similar to ghosting but, trust us, it’s not. Dial-toning happens when you ignore someone before the relationship has even had the chance to begin. It’s the act of giving out your phone number, only to ignore the person when they try to call or text you. Sixty percent of singles have admitted to experiencing dial-toning and 35% have admitted that they’ve taken someone’s number only to ignore the person trying to reach out.

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Eclipsing: This happens when you start to adopt the interests or hobbies of someone you're dating and pretending you like them too. Nearly half of singles (48%) have adopted the same hobbies or interests as the person they’re dating and 45% of singles have admitted they’ve done so in the past.

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Glamboozled: Imagine getting ready for a date, putting on your best clothes and spending may be a little too much time doing your hair - and then your plans fall through. They’ve canceled on you last minute and you’ve officially been glamboozled.  You’re not alone - 58% of singles have experienced the same. 

Kanye'd: When your date spends the entire time talking about none other than themselves; Unfortunately, 45% of singles have endured a one-sided conversation while on a date.

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Type-casting: You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type or “Love Languages”. They’ve ways of classifying people’s personalities and compatibility. It looks like some people take them pretty seriously as 27% of singles know someone who has talked about their Myers Briggs or Love Language while on a date.

White Clawing: The act of staying with someone you find boring just because you find them attractive. Over a quarter of singles (27%) admit to having done this; 42% say they know someone who has done this.

Yellow Carding: No it’s not a reference to the World Cup. Yellow Carding happens when someone is called out on their poor dating behaviour. In fact 27% of singles have said they confronted someone about their behaviour on a date.

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"Dating is changing, and our annual trends survey reflects what singles will and won't accept from their partners," said Shannon Smith, Head of PR, Plenty of Fish. "More than ever, singles feel empowered to have honest discussions about what behaviour is and isn't acceptable, and are being open about the things they're looking for: 'Yellow Carding' is a trend that we anticipate growing throughout 2020. However, trends like 'White Clawing' and 'Dial-toning' show that there are still some pain points people are experiencing as they navigate the dating world."

Clearly Wandure seeks to avoid these games - with the exception of Yellow Carding, we back you standing up for yourself and setting your own boundaries.

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