Cancelling a date?

Life happens sometimes

At Wandure, we appreciate that life happens and that as a result, you may have to cancel your date.  
It's why we've developed a cancellation policy that accounts for the realities of life, while still respecting the dating process as well as the balance of our pocketbook and yours!

Stage 1: Cancelling once you've matched and paid for the date, but the date hasn't been booked just yet

If you need to cancel at this stage, we'll refund you the full amount. Both users (the person doing the cancelling and the person being cancelled on) will receive the refund.

Stage 2: Cancelling once the date is scheduled and ready

If you cancel 12 hours before your date, we will refund you the total price of the date, with the exception of the $5.00 service fee which we keep.

If you're cancelled on within this window (aka: your date cancels on you), then we'll refund you the full amount (including your $5.00 service fee).

Stage 3: Cancelling within 12 hours before the date

So here’s the deal. Your match is made, your date is ready and paid for, and it’s less than 12 hours before your date.

We get that life happens, but unfortunately at this stage we can’t offer you a refund. If you're the person who is doing the cancelling, unfortunately you will not receive a refund for your date.

However, if you are the person who is being cancelled on - that sucks and we won’t make it suck more by not reimbursing you. So the canceller will not receive a refund, but the person who is cancelled on will receive a full refund.

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