How does it work?

Wandure is different than other dating apps. 

The beginning may feel similar as you create your profile with your awesome photos and input of witty, honest answers to intriguing questions. But that’s where the similarities end.  

Once you get started, you’ll come across a person’s profile. Dazzled (or not so dazzled) by their profile, you’ll slide left to “Pass” or right to “Meet”. 

Because you were likely dazzled, you’ll swipe right and (hopefully) get a match! Yay. Then, once matched, you’ll give us your availability and budget. 

Once we have those deets, we plan a date for you based on your mutual interests! We’ll tell you when the date is right away, but unlike other dating apps, we let the excitement linger. You’ll find out your date details and can chat with your lovely match only 24 hours before the date, thus saving time and energy by removing chatting too far in advance. Planning the epic date so you don’t have to, and building the anticipation of what is bound to be a fun time. 

And here’s a summary for those who don’t want to read all of that: 

  1. Make a dazzling profile.
  2. Slide to “Meet” or “Pass” on other dazzling profiles.
  3. Find a gem, slide right to “Meet”.
  4. Get a match!
  5. Give us your deets (availability and budget) 
  6. We tell you when the date is scheduled for (but not specific date details just yet…)
  7. We cook up an epic date for your and your match 
  8. 24 hours before the date you find out where you’re headed and can chat with your match.
  9. You meet. Sparks Fly. 
  10. Epic date complete.