How does the “Already Taken” profile- link sharing work?

We’re really excited about this feature! Whether you’re coupled, or sort-of coupled, or have no idea where you’re at but you’re “hanging out” with someone special, we want to plan a fun date for you and… let’s call them, your person. 

Share this link with someone your person if you want us to plan a date for you, so you can do something other than Netflix date night. 

All you have to do is create a profile, then click on the “Already Taken?” link on your profile to send it directly to your person. Once they create a profile, they will have the option to slide right on you and “Meet”. Then once you match, we plan your date. Easy, peasy.

So grab your person (whether official or not, labeled or not) and create your profiles so that we can plan a date for you!