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Post by Kristi Aruja on 5/31/2018

Few things are as exciting as the idea of traveling somewhere else.

The Art of Travel
Alain De Botton

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If I asked you why August 31st, 2018, is such an exciting day, what would you say?

"That it is National Trail Mix Day; a celebration of only the most delicious and nutritious snack there is! It is the highlight of my year!"

Okay. Well, sure. Nutrition is important I guess….

More importantly, August 31st is the day you can finally download the Wandure app! This is what the  team has been busily working towards, and we are so excited to share our launch date with you.

With the app finally on your phone, you can start exploring new destinations like a local, with a local. Or, find a new friend to embark on an adventure with. Why not do both? With Wandure you can.

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