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Looking for your next travel partner is our job. Getting to know them is yours.

So how does Wandure find me a Travel Buddy?

Looking for your next travel partner is our job, getting to know them is your job. When you sign up for Wandure, we ask you to create a profile so that we can get to know you because your travel buddies are handpicked from our Traveler’s Hub to match your interests and where you want to travel!

You will be matched with like-minded travelers in your city, who have the same desired destinations and interests as you. Meet for coffee and plan your trip! Or for those of you who enjoy traveling solo (I have traveled solo many a time and met remarkable people along my path), you can find travel buddies on the road. Just open the app, find fellow travelers around you, and meet up once abroad for an epic adventure. We know you don’t want to surf for the first time alone - find a travel buddy to do it with you then part ways or meet up a few days later for another adventure.

It’s genuinely easier than ordering your morning coffee at Starbucks (we know how complex those can get). So here it goes:

1. Download Wandure

2. Click on the travel buddies feature

3. Give us a few details about yourself

a. Your name

b. A brief bio

c. Traveler type (Nature, Photography, Foodie, Nightlife, Art, Sports, History and Sightseeing)

d. Your photos (yay, you can include 6)

e. List where you want to travel to (your dream spots too!) - add as many places as you want!

4. And BAAM, your profile will appear in the Traveler’s Hub and you my friend, are a member of the Wandure Traveler Hub community.

And if you refer one friend to Wandure and that friend creates a Travel Buddy profile, you get a free Starbucks card from us (click here for more details on our Wandure Rewards referral program)

How to find a travel buddy - Will you…travel with me?

By Chelsea Sauvé   |  June 16th, 2019


So how do I make this Travel Buddy Profile?

There’s that awkward question us travelers grapple with - will you travel with me? That moment when the travel bug hits and you know you need to itch that desire to travel.  Going at it solo is an option, but many of us want someone to share in the experiences and the memories. And so we’ve mustered the courage and asked friends and family, and even acquaintances - will you travel with me? But often times life gets in the way and they can’t join us, leaving you no friends to travel with.

Finding a travel partner, a partner in crime to explore this great, magical and abundant world, is an art. You have to be able to enjoy (and tolerate) one another and be comfortable providing each other with some space within the travel experience. You have to agree and agree to disagree, enjoy similar activities and push one another to explore the world beyond one another's comfort zones. You have to laugh, and feel totally free to be yourself. A travel buddy can be a forever friend, or a friend you make for that moment in time. A travel buddy is a unique person in your life, and at Wandure we are here to help you find that special person.

At Wandure, we want your Travel Buddy profile to be authentically YOU. We want you to shine in all your glory, and so we have designed the Travel Buddy profiles in a way that allows you to customize it your way. Tell us what you like, what makes your soul sing, and where your wanderlusting self wants to go next!

And as you’ve probably already heard, a photo is worth a thousand words (we definitely didn't make it up)! So make sure that your photo is revealing of the true you! Show off your flare and personality (tastefully), whether it shows you outdoors (my happy place), or cooking, or jumping out of a plane - we want you to show us and your future travel buddies who you are!

What if I am not traveling at the moment and don’t have plans to travel in the near future?

No problem at all. We get that sometimes life keeps you home for a time. Fortunately, travel buddies are a community where you can hash and rehash your favourite travel stories and share in the passion for travel. Not all of our friends are travel junkies in the same way we are, and so Wandure provides a community of people who are equal in passion and drive, for the world and exploring it! Think of it like a book club for your travel needs.

Making your Travel Buddy profile epic

And finally, because my parents are asking, is it safe?

Yes. Wandure privileges your safety. Our primary concern is the safety of your travel experience, and so, like many other matching apps, we have built in safety features to keep you safe. First, we have a report button on every profile - so if you have a poor experience or get creepy vibes, please do notify us. We also ensure that all users sign in via Facebook so that you know that you’re talking to the person in the photo (and not some photo of a model taken off Google!). And in the coming months we are launching a feature that will allow women to activate a feature that ensures that only they can start a conversation with their matches (because we want to travel not be harassed - am I right ladies?). But like anything you do in life, we encourage you to trust your instincts, and be vigilant about your safety.

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