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Post by Kristi Aruja on 6/6/2018

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How many countries have you visited? I can only recall eight - I think I am missing a few.

Favourite travel destination? Tangier, Morocco for sure; the food, the weather, the multiculturalism, make it so unique. You can speak in the Moroccan dialect of Arabic to someone, then switch it up to French or Spanish and they’re fluent in all three. I think it’s the only part of the world where people speak Moroccan, French and Spanish fluently.

Next travel destination? I want to explore Canada; Banff in particular comes to mind. I want to conquer Canada before branching out more. It’s such a huge country with so much to see.

Favourite local moment? Last year when I was in Rabat, Morocco, I met this American guy, he was in awe that I spoke English without an accent. That made him so happy - to meet another English speaker. We really connected and ended up exploring the city. I explained Morocco to him – even though he had been there for a month, there was no one he could communicate with in his own language and he didn’t really “get it”. That was nice.

Favourite hidden gem in Ottawa? Definitely Lusk Caves in Gatineau Park.

Favourite travel book? The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton.

One thing you cannot leave home without: I always have a Cliff bar on me. Almond Chocolate Fudge. Always.

Three things that make you happy? The endorphin rush you get after exercising. I like checking things off my to do list; it's so rewarding.  I don’t know if this applies, but I love languages. If I can practice my Spanish with someone; or meet someone new and be able to converse in another language. I like that.

Who would you like to live like for a day? My mom or my dad. Just to see what I’m like through their eyes. What are my weird mannerisms and how annoying I am. Just to be able to observe myself.

Describe Wandure in one word: Explore.

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How many countries have you visited? Nine.

Favourite travel destination? Alberta; either Calgary or Banff.

Next travel destination? I'm going to Nova Scotia at the end of the summer, then Italy for a month next year.

Favourite local moment? Talking to any taxi driver in Iraq. They have the best stories in the world.

Favourite hidden gem in Ottawa? There are waterfalls in the east end of Ottawa that nobody knows about – Princess Louise Falls.

Favourite travel book? I’ve read all the Sherlock Holmes books – does that count? They have lot’s of adventure. I do play a lot of video games that have travel in them though!

One thing you cannot leave home without? The necklace I’ve had since grade 10.

Three things that make you happy? My family, my phone and definitely my cats - Roach a bit more than Epona.

Who would you like to live like for a day? Izzy – because he’s my best friend!  (This got an "awwww" from Ismail before they hugged it out)

Describe Wandure in one word: Travel

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