Meet the Team: The Engineers

Our concluding round of the 'Meet the Team' Q&A's features Wandure's technical brains. Sai and Ramon.

Post by Breda Kazal on 6/19/2018

Sai "Stack Overflow" Desu

Android Developer

Favourite travel destination? I personally love travelling to destinations near the ocean. My favourite travel destination so far has been Hawaii. Everything about that place was beautiful: the people, the food, the water, and the vibes. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean allowed me to forget about everything else in my life and simply enjoy myself.

Favourite travel activities and why? Food and adventure. I am quite the eating machine and I love trying unique dishes from different parts of the world. I also love trying out different sporting activities whenever I get the chance. I've been on some pretty memorable hikes and mountain biking adventures. And if I'm near the water, I'll always try to go jet skiing or wake boarding no matter how expensive - it's always worth it.

How do you keep track of your travel endeavours? When I was young I used to have a personal journal and I would write about every day of my vacation. As time passed, I got lazy, but now I take pictures wherever I go...of absolutely everything.

Favourite hidden gem in Ottawa? Nepean Point and the Trans Canada Trail found behind the Parliament and all along the Ottawa River (not very hidden, but hey, I’m not from Ottawa!). Nepean Point has a great view of both Ottawa and Gatineau. Not to mention, it's also the perfect picnic spot. As for the Trail, just imagine biking right next to a river while witnessing the sunset over the city (it’s great!).

Best travel buddy? My best travel buddy(ies) are my family. I travel everywhere with them (probably because I’m still young), but I will always enjoy the special moments we share together as a family.

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Favourite travel destination? This has to go to the Philippines. The city, beaches, the many unique little islands.. There’s just so much to explore! Also my family’s there.

Favourite travel activities and why? Exploring, wherever I am whether it’d be New York’s urban jungle or Palawan’s open waters, it's always one of my favourite things to do when traveling abroad. The absolute best thing however, is relaxing when you’ve found a nice comfy spot in front of the view you’ve worked towards finding and simply taking it all in.

How do you keep track of your travel endeavours? Photos. A lot of photos. I’m too lazy to write anything. A simple click and you have a frame of an amazing chapter in your life. It’s like what they all say: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Favourite hidden gem in Ottawa? Ottawa has a lot of hidden specialties, but my favourite has to be the beauty of the scenery going down Carp road.

Best travel buddy? I would have to say traveling with my family is always the best. My mother would have everything planned for the entire vacation even before she tells me where we’re even going. The experiences she plans however have always has made my jaw drop every time. If not for my family, then some of my closest friends who I’ve shared countless road trips with.

Ramon "I'll make the deadline" Tabilin

iOS Developer