Meet the Team : Round 2!

Last week, we got to know the co-founders (and their bromance) of Wandure. This time around,  we're meeting VP Operations, Luis, and Growth Lead,  Zainab.

Post by Maria Benmbarek on 6/12/2018

Luis "oh, I know that person" Anacona

VP Operations

Favourite travel destination? Whistler, BC by far. The scenery, the mountains - simply gorgeous. It's beautiful and lively any time of the year with some of the best skiing in the winter and incredible hikes in the summer.

What was the strangest thing you ate while travelling? Hormigas Culonas, which is Spanish for "Big-bottomed ants". it's a Colombian delicacy (so they say). I know. It doesn't sound very appetizing. I tried not to look too closely or think about it because I wanted to be as objective as possible, and they actually weren't bad at all. Crunchy, salted and quite high in protein.

Where would you revisit and why? South of Colombia, just because I love seeing my family and I always have a blast every time I go back. I also get a chance to work on the farm, which is something I never get to do here in Ottawa. It's just a complete getaway and change of pace that does me quite a bit of good.

Favourite hidden gem in Ottawa? I really like biking down the Ottawa river on Sir George Etienne Cartier. There's a nice trail right beside the water.

Best travel buddy? My girlfriend, Haley. We just "get each other". We're both early bird and budget travellers which allows us to simply enjoy what travel has to offer us without spending too much time on logistics.

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Favourite travel destination? Ahh this is a tough one. How about my top 3? Although I predict Kenya would become my favourite travel destination in the near future (I’m yet to visit), I’ll say my top 3 right now are definitely Cuba, Dubai & Chiang Mai…in no particular order.

What was the strangest thing you ate while travelling? I’m not the most adventurous person when it comes to trying new foods abroad. Because I’m vegan, I’m also quite restricted in what I can try. But let’s just say I tried out dragon fruit & cashew cheese for the first time abroad and thought they would be strange but they weren’t. They’re delicious.

Where would you revisit and why? Oh boy! I would revisit all of my top 3 destinations (Cuba, Chiang Mai or Dubai) in a heartbeat. Right now, I’m living quite the fast-paced life, so I’ve been craving the serenity of the way of life of the Thai people in Chiang Mai, the sound of the ocean in Cuba, and the joie de vivre energy that envelopes nights in Dubai.

Favourite hidden gem in Ottawa? This is also another tough one. My love story with Ottawa began because I find that the entire ambience of the city feels hidden. It’s like everywhere I explore, I’m re-discovering a new colour on a painted canvas. Ottawa itself is a hidden gem.

Best travel buddy? I really enjoy travelling with my family particularly my mother or my brother & sisters. So any one of them make for really great travel buddies. Beyond them, I enjoy travellng with someone that isn’t afraid to be adventurous in a fast-paced way and can also seek out serene moments like meditating by the ocean. I love being able to acquire both the fast-pacedness of travel and its serene moments. Anyone who can adapt to either makes for an ideal travel buddy for me.

Zainab "" Muse

Growth Lead