Wandure Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 26th, 2019


Thanks again for using our platform, Wandure.


This legal Privacy Policy document reveals  the way in which we gather, use, process and disclose all personal information across the Wandure Platform.

In the case that you see an undefined term in this legal document (for example “Experience” or “Wandure Platform”), it refers back to the same definition outlined in our Terms of Service.

When this policy remarks “Wandure,” “Wandure Platform,” “Platform,” “us,” “we,” or “our,” it refers to the Wandure corporation whom is responsible for all your information under this legal document (the “Data Controller”).

  • For the time being, the only Data Controller is Wandure, Inc.

Wandure’s Privacy Policy also applies to the Payment Services provided by Wandure Payouts, agreeable to our Terms of Service. For the time being, there is only one entity as Data Controller, who handles all your information relating to Payment Services.

  • Data Controller is Stripe, an affiliate to Wandure Inc.

Table of Contents:

  1. Information Collected By Us

  2. How We Use Information Collected

  3. Sharing & Disclosure

  4. Other Important Legal Information

  5. Third Party Partners & Integrations

  6. Your Choices

  7. Operating Globally

  8. Security

  9. Changes To This Privacy Policy

  10. Contact Information

1. Information Collected By Us

The fact is that in order for you to access all of the great services the Wandure Platform has to offer, we need to gather some of your  personal information. The information we collect can fall into three general categories.

1.1 Information You Provide.

When you use the Wandure Platform, you choose to give us certain information. This includes information such as:

  • Your full name, email address, date of birth, and gender are required when you signing up to use the Wandure Platform.

  • In some cases, in order to use some of the extra perks such as “Travel Matches” on the Wandure Platform, we may ask that you further complete your profile. This requires you to provide certain details such as: your city, phone number and personal description. Certain elements of your profile (such as your profile picture,, first names, and personal description) will be publicly visible to others.

  • To maintain a secure and transparent environment, we may ask you to verify your identity via a photograph of your government-issued ID, national ID card, passport, or driver’s license and other necessary authentication information. This process is non-negotiable for experience providers.

  • In order to book an experience or to become an experience provider, we ask for your financial information. This involves bank account and/or credit card information, which is necessary to process any payments and to comply with applicable laws. Other related authentication information such as your: mailing address and phone number may be required to process payments via Stripe. In certain regions we may require your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) details, specifically for experience providers in Europe and other pertaining countries.

  • When you use the Wandure Platform to communicate with Us or with any other Wandure user, we gather information about your conversation and any information you choose to provide.

  • When choosing to fill out forms, take part in promotions or surveys, run a search, update your information on your Wandure account, or use other perks on the Wandure Platform, you are choosing to provide us with information.

1.2 Automatic Collection of Information When You Use Our Services.

When you use the Wandure Platform, we collect information about the services you use and how you use them. This is the break down.

  • When you interact with the Wandure Platform we collect information, such as the searches performed by you, the content you view, how long you view this content, any booking request you may have sent and any other information regarding the use of the Platform.

  • We may collect different types of information regarding your general location via your IP address or more specific location information using your device’s GPS services, when you use certain features of the Wandure Platform. This allows for improved services and further increases the security of our users. Your device’s location services can easily be modified through your device's settings menu.

  • When using the Wandure Platform we do collect log information, even if you are not logged in or have registered an account with us. Some of the information collected involves: specifics about how you’ve used the Wandure Platform (Emcompases links to third party applications), time you accessed the Platform, IP address, specs on the device being used (hardware and software), and event information of the device (such as crashes).

  • When performing transactions through the Wandure Platform, we collect information such as time and date of the transaction, amount being processed, expiration date of payment method and its corresponding postal code, and any other payment related details.

  • In the future, we will introduce and use cookies and other similar technologies. We may enable other affiliate businesses to use these technologies on the Platform and/or enable some of them to track your behaviour for us. Some websites have the feature “Do Not Track” (DNT), which does not permit for the user’s activity to be tracked. DNT signals are not yet uniform and some browsers don’t have this feature. For this reason Wandure does not currently comply by DNT signals.

1.3 Information Collected from Others.

In addition to the information you choose to provide us with, we also collect information from other third party sources and/or services. We are not responsible for the way in which these third parties may disclose your information and we do not comply to any of their terms.

  • When linking/connecting or logging into your Wandure account via a third party service (i.e. Facebook, Google), these third party services will share your registration and profile information from that service with us. The type and amount of information provided to us varies and is completely controlled by those parties and as authorised by you, in your privacy settings in that service.

  • For our members within Canada, Wandure may use your information, including your full name and date of birth, to obtain reports from public records of criminal convictions or sex offender registration, to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

  • Wandure may receive additional information about you, such as demographic data or fraud detection information, from other third party service providers and/or partners, to the extent permitted by applicable law.


We use, store and process information about you, allowing us to provide a trusted, safe and quality-driven service. Additionally, it aids in further development of the Wandure Platform.

2.1 Provide, Enhance, and Develop the Wandure Platform.
  • We enables you to access and use the Wandure Platform.

  • Make it possible for you to communicate with other members in the Wandure Platform.

  • By conducting research and analytics, it allows us to protect, operate, and improve the Wandure Platform

  • Your search, booking history, and preferences allows us to personalize your experience by, among other things, ranking search results or showing certain ads.

  • Enable you to access and use the Payment Services.

  • Provide the best customer service.

  • Through the platform, we may send you support messages, or updates, security alerts, and account notifications.

  • In order to make referrals easier,  or for fraud detection/prevention, you can share your contacts’ information with us.

2.2 Develop and Maintain a Safe Environment.
  • We will always try our best to detect and prevent fraud, spam, abuse, security incidents, and other harmful activity

  • We also conduct investigations and risk assessments.

  • We make sure to verify and authenticate information or identification that is provided to us. This is very important for us.

  • We conduct analysis against databases and other sources of information.

  • We make sure to comply with our legal obligations.

  • We try our best to resolve any issues revolving around our users and we enforce our agreements with third party entities.

  • We enforce our Terms of Service and other policies.

2.3 Serve you with Personalized and Relevant offers, and Improve our Advertising and Marketing.
  • Based on your communication preferences (including information about Wandure or partner campaigns and services) we will send you promotional messages, marketing, advertising, and other information that may be of interest to you.

  • We personalize, measure, and improve advertising.

  • Administer sweepstakes, referral programs, rewards, surveys, contests or other offers sponsored or managed by Wandure, or its third party affiliates.


3.1 With Your Consent.

We may share your information at your preference or as described at the time of sharing, for instance, when you authorize a third party application, authorize a website to access your Wandure Account or when you take part in promotional deals.

3.2 Sharing between Users, Experience Host (Local) and Travel Matches

To help facilitate bookings, we may share your information with other Members as follows:

  • When you as a user submit a booking request for an experience, certain information about you is shared with the Local, including your first name, your cancellation history, your booking history and reviews from previous bookings, and other information you agree to share. When your booking is confirmed, we will disclose additional information to assist with the coordination of the experience. Any other information you choose to share within the integrated messaging system is up to your disclosure and out of our control.

  • When you, as an experience host , have a confirmed experience, certain information is shared with the user to further coordinate the experience, such as your first name and meetup address. Any other information you choose to share within the integrated messaging system is up to your disclosure and out of our control.

  • When you, as a user, make contact with any of your Travel Matches, the information that will be shared amongst the two of you is the information that is already on your public Wandure profile. Any other information you choose to share within the integrated messaging system is up to your disclosure and out of our control.

We don’t share your billing and payout information with other Members or with anyone else for that matter.

3.3 Information Visible to the General Public.

The Wandure Platform lets you publish information that is visible to the general public. For example:

  • Some parts of your public profile page are visible to others. This includes; your first name, your description, and city.

  • Experience pages are publicly visible and include information such as; the Experience rating, rate per person, approximate duration, recommended size of party, Experience host’ public profile photo, Experience description, Experience suitability, calendar availability, approximate location of meetup spot (neighbourhood and city) and any additional information the experience host chooses to share. Any details that the experience host decide to post under any of the fields (such as experience description, experience suitability, etc) is out of our control and your own disclosure. We may advise changes for security purposes.

  • After the experience has ended, fellow users  and Experience Host will be asked to write a review and rate each other and the Experience. Reviews are a part of your public profile page.

  • When or if you submit content in a public forum or social media post, that content is publicly visible.

Information that is being shared publicly on the Wandure Platform can be indexed via third parties. In certain scenarios you may be able to opt-out under your account settings. If or when you change your settings or your public-facing content, these third parties may not update their databases, thus they may end up using your old content. This would be out of our jurisdiction, we do not have any control over practices of third party search engines, and they may use caches containing your outdated information.

3.4 Service Providers.

A variety of third party service providers allows us to provide services related to the Wandure Platform. Service providers may be located inside or outside of Canada. In some cases these third parties may be located inside or outside the European Economic Area (EEA).  Some of the service providers may help us verify or authenticate your identification, checking information against public databases, assists us with background checks, fraud prevention, and risk assessment, or provide customer service, advertising, or payments services. In order for these providers to do this on our behalf, they have very limited access to your personal information, and they are contractually obligated to adhere to this Privacy Policy and to our instructions.

3.5 Wandure Payments.

To be able to provide the Payment Service, and to offer you other services/products via third parties (whom would have an agreement with Us), Wandure Payouts may share your personal information.

3.6 Compliance with the Law.

If it is necessary and/or required by the law, Wandure may disclose your information to courts, law enforcement or governmental entities, or other authorized third parties. Why? Reasons include:

  • To adhere with legal process and/or to respond to any claims made against Wandure

  • To respond to verifiable requests surrounding criminal investigations or alleged/illegal activity that may expose Us, our users and/or business partners to legal liability

  • To make sure our agreements (i.e. Terms of Service) are being enforced with our Members

  • To prevent fraud and or aid in investigations surrounding fraud, assessment of risk, and/or customer support

  • To defend the rights, personal safety of Wandure, Wandure’s employees, its Users or any other member of the public

When the above mentioned is being put into effect, we will notify the Member(s) about such request, unless:

  • We are legally not allowed to do so by the process itself

  • We conclude that giving notice would impact an individual(s) in a negative way (chance for injury, or bodily harm), or may increase the risk of fraud onto Wandure’s property, its Users and/or the Wandure Platform

In scenarios where We are not granted the right to notify our User(s), we will try to notify the involved User(s) about the request after the fact and after we conclude it is safe to do so and we are no longer legally prohibited.

3.7 Corporate Affiliates.

In order to provide the Wandure Platform services, your information may be shared within our corporate family of companies (including financial and non-financial entities) that are related by common ownership or control. This entities are covered by this Privacy Policy and if/when these services have any additional claus specific to them, we will make you aware of them via the Wandure platform.

  • All information shared is saved at the Wandure headquarters, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The types of information that will be saved includes when you create an Experience, book a Local’s Experience, or find a travel buddy. The information shared in these circumstances includes: (i) your full name, email address and phone number, (ii) information relating to the Experience, including meetup address, (iii) booking information for the Experience, including but not limited to booking dates and payment amounts, and (iv) the names, nationalities, and identification details (including passport/national ID numbers and expiry dates) of any traveler. Additionally, when you send a message to a Local or Buddy the message content sent via the Wandure Platform will also be stored.

We will notify you in advance in the above situations if anything were to change via the Wandure Platform.

3.8 Widgets.

On sites being operated by our partners, we may display parts of the Wandure Platform (e.g., your Experiences) using technologies such as widgets or APIs. You must know that in this scenario, some information from your Wandure profile could also be displayed.

3.9 Tax Authorities.

As stated in our Terms of Service, any Experience Host  is solely responsible for determining your obligation to report, collect, remit or include in your Listing Fees any Value Added Tax (VAT) or other indirect sales taxes, occupancy taxes, tourist or other visitor taxes or other income taxes.

3.10 Business Transfers.

If at any point in time, Wandure is involved in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets, or bankruptcy event, We may be forced to sell, share or transfer some, if not all, of our assets. Within these assets, your information is included. In the case that this happens, we will bring this up to your attention, before your personal information is transferred and has to adhere to a different Privacy Policy.

3.11 Aggregated Data.

For business purposes such as demographic profiling, industry analysis, marketing and advertising, We may combine information about our users, so that they are no longer identifiable individual users, but instead a group of users that share similar characteristics.


4.1 Communications Analysis.

In order to maintain a high-quality and trusted environment on the Wandure Platform, we may review, scan and/or analyze your communications on the Platform. This aids us in risk assessment, fraud detection/prevention, further improvements to the Platform, and improvements to our customer support. We may use automated methods, but in rare occasions we will manually analyse certain communications, for specific purposes such as fraud detection/prevention and or customer support. As well as to further development to those automated methods.

4.2 Linking Third Party Accounts.

When you link your Wandure Account to third party social network services:

  • Some activities on the Wandure Platform may be displayed on that third party site

  • The linkage of these third party service will provide information about you that we may store, process and share (in rare occasions) for fraud detection/prevention and risk assessment.

  • The above mentioned can be modified via the settings and authorization on the Wadure Platform and/or on the third party site(s).

4.3 Google Maps/Earth.

Google Maps/Earth services, including Google Maps API(s) make up part of the Wandure Platform and makes it possible for Us to bring our services to you. The use of Google Maps/Earth is subject to Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.


On the Wandure Platform you may find links that pertain to third party sites or services. These parties/services may be Third Party Partners. Wandure does not control or regulate these Third Party Partners in any way. Thus, when you interact with such parties, you may be providing information directly to them, to Wandure, or to both. We advise our Users to analyse these Third Party Partners’ privacy policy due to the fact that they may operate differently in the way that they collect, use and share your information.


6.1 Updating Accounts.

At any point in time, you may review, update, or delete any information under your Wandure Account. You can do this by clicking the “edit” button, once you are in your Wandure profile.

6.2 Incorrect Information.

At any point in time, you have the right to ask us to correct any incorrect personal information, under the condition that you are not able to do it on your own.

6.3 Account Cancellation.

Notice that when you cancel your Wandure Account, some information that you may have previously shared with other Users may continue to be publicly visible, even after you have cancelled the account. The information may involve ratings and reviews you may have done, and it may be associated with your first name.


In order to provide our services at a worldwide scale, there will be occasions in which we may disclose your information with third party partners or services. Some of these third party partners or services may be situated in other countries in Europe, North and Central and South America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. In these countries, laws may be different from the laws of where you may be living. When you decide to use the Wandure Platform, you authorise Us to be able to analyse, store and transfer/share your information in Canada and possibly in other countries.


It is already known that the world of the internet is not completely safe and we cannot guarantee the complete security or transmission of your information. But we can guarantee that we are continuously working to establish and update administrative, technical and physical measures to keep your information protected from unwarranted access, loss, destruction, or alteration.


We are working hard to provide the best service possible for our members, which means that we are constantly reiterating and innovating. Thus, this Privacy Policy is may undergo changes over time. When we do make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will publish the revised copy on the Platform and update the date at the top of this page.

If, for some reason you disagree with our revised Privacy Policy, you may cancel your Wandure account. If by the time the revised Privacy Policy has been published, and you still have not cancelled your account, your continued use of the Platform will mean you have accepted the revised Privacy Policy.


If you have any further questions about Wandure’s Privacy Policy and handling practices, you may contact us using the following address.

Wandure, Inc.

370 Deschatelets Ave

Ottawa, ON, Canada

K1S 5H3

You may also email us at [email protected]