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I have long been a fan of the Emmy-award winning show, The Amazing Race (TAR).

Choosing your TAR partner

As you have probably already guessed, much of this TAR watching was accompanied by thoughts of who I would want as my partner for the TAR  journey. So I have thought about it rationally - for example, as a vegetarian, my partner would have to be willing to eat meat. And as someone who definitely does not want to jump off a building or out of a plane, they have to love heights. But truthfully, more than either of those qualifications my TAR partner has to be someone that I love, enjoy, respect, and want by my side for this epic adventure. And most importantly, someone who I can laugh with and forgive if they don’t want to jump off of a super high building, or don’t know how to ride a moped!

Maybe you will even find your TAR partner through Wandure’s Travel Buddy feature? We have some amazing people with the same travel itch you have, and a thrill for adventure.

So since Phil (TAR host) isn’t around to create fabulous activities for us, it is up to Wandure to connect you with fabulous experiences for your amazing race. As per TAR vernacular, each activity is presented as a challenge, roadblock, or detour, but naturally they are all remarkable activities that you can select in anyway you choose -  and choose from many, many others on the app (these are just some highlights of what’s in store)! So download the app, type in your destination (Barcelona!) and let’s begin exploring.

It even has the traffic to ensure that teams get stuck in taxi nightmares on their way to and from the airport - perfect TV drama if this were actually on TV.

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The Amazing Race - Wandure Style

First stop: Barcelona, Spain

May 29th, 2019

By Chelsea Sauvé


Now for the destinations…

And not just the original, I have also eagerly sat on the edge of my seat for the Amazing Race Canada, and am confident I would be as glued to the show in any of its many country iterations. Every clue opened, each u-turn used, and all of the roadblocks - my travel soul is totally enamoured at the prospect of opening an envelope that reveals where your flight is about to take you!

Anyone with a zest for travel like our Wandure team family would be thrilled to take part in such an epic adventure. In fact, I have long said that I would LOVE for someone to plan a trip for me with 4 or 5 destinations of which I would be blissfully unaware until I am ready to move onto the next destination! I would give them the amount of money that I am comfortable spending, and they would book each destination, and voila - that element of surprise that is so precious and utterly essential to the TAR franchise would be alive and well!

So this week, I am going to take you on a Wandure-style amazing race around the world. But first, a little bit of admin - who are we running this awesome race with?

From tapas to tango, Spain is filled with plenty of wonder. In its seaside city of Barcelona, the Mediterranen energy is alive and well. Las Ramblas awakens the nights, and the beaches liven the days. With cultural infusion at every turn, it’s the perfect spot to start your adventure.

“Paddleboard the Mediterranean” - For your first challenge, you will have to choose between paddleboarding the Mediterranean and trekking in Montserrat  (or do both - we are not strict on Wandure TAR). This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the waters and see the city from that vantage point.



“Trekking in Montserrat” - Led by Jordi, this tour takes you to the mountain of Montserrat where Jordi will lead you through the history and charm of the area as you hike the mountain towards the infamous monastery.

“Food and Wine Tasting at my Home” - This is not my home, but that of a lovely Barcelona local, Marc! Marc will provide insight into the Catalan based products he provides including cheeses, sausages, and plenty of wine. He also has vegetarian and vegan options to suit every dietary need! Enjoy a taste of home style cuisine, and learn about Cataln culture.


“Climb Above the Mediterranean Sea”  - On this roadblock, you and your travel buddy will scale the cliffs above the Mediterranean - remarkable, albeit not for those afraid of heights! 

“Gaudi and Barcelona Legends” - Your guide, Christian, will take you through the architectural wonders of Barcelona in an immersive, informative, and fun tour! Gaudi’s remarkable architectural feats are a must-see when in Barcelona - and learning about his life and tragic end.

Next stop…. Bali, Indonesia

Teams, this is your first Roadblock. And it happens to be in the tropical paradise of Bali, Indonesia (on the Wandure app, check out Bali under ‘Destinations to Explore” at the bottom of the home page and be sure to look up the city of Denpasar on the island of Bali for ample adventure). Beautiful beaches, ample surfing opportunities, and incredible temples with intriguing history, culture, and religious practice. Natural beauty abound on this island, Bali is a wonderful stop along your world journey, and thankfully Wandure is connected with some remarkable locals who offer insight into some of Bali’s best adventures.  


“Bali Rural Cycling & Typical Balinese Food Tour”  - In this challenge, your host Sindu will take you to the scenic rice terraces of Tegalalang, and introduce you to local coffees and herbal teas as well as a local pancake breakfast and balinese lunch. Between breakfast and lunch you will explore this rural area (including hidden temples) via bike - so keep your balance in check and get exploring in this intimate experience with Balinese culture.

“We Surf Bali” - I have surfed many a time (albeit, not well), and have always marveled at how at one I feel with the water and all it holds. A very liberating feeling. I am also always amazed at the core strength you need to surf well - turns out surfers are super fit, like six-pack abs kind of fit. On this challenge, you and your travel buddy will surf the pristine Bali waves with your guide, Wayan. Perfect for beginners, as there is instruction and insight provided throughout your 2 hour surf-lesson.


“Ubud Spectacular Waterfall Tour” - On this detour, you and your travel buddy will traverse into the Indonesian rainforest. Your guide, Wayan, will take you to three stunning waterfalls - including the popular Tegenungan waterfall -  in the Ubud area where you can frolic in clear blue waters and hike to these hidden gems. Given that this tour is 7 hours long, you will be provided with a delicious Balinese meal at a local lunch spot as well as an abundance of snacks! So put on your bathing suit and hiking shoes and get moving! 


“Amazing Nusa Penida in One Day Tour” - On this roadblock, you and your travel buddy will explore Penida Island, which one of three islands referred to as the Nusa Islands. You will visit white sand beaches and glorious untouched nature. Enjoy a day of fabulous views, stunning natural wonders, and beaches galore. Enjoy!

“Gate of Heaven Temple Tour” - This tour, led by Wayan, takes you to one of Bali’s most popular spots! This temple is filled with spiritual wonder and intrigue - visiting is a must. And with Mt. Agung in the backdrop, it is a beautiful scene to absorb! This tour will also take you to a number of waterfalls and small caves in the jungle.

Final Stop/Pit Stop…. Toronto, Canada

While not Canada’s capital (that would be Ottawa - our home town), Toronto is Canada’s largest city. With its metropolitan feel, Toronto is the perfect spot to finish up our Wandure Amazing Race. It even has the traffic to ensure that teams get stuck in taxi nightmares on their way to and from the airport - perfect TV drama if this were actually on TV. But it is not, and so you can chat with the taxi driver and learn about their life, or if you’re not the chatty type you can relish in a great podcast if stuck in traffic. But once in the city, there is ample opportunity to engage in the city’s finest before arriving at the pit stop. So what kind of adventures await you in Toronto?


“Hike and Capture Nature’s Beauty” - In this challenge, lace up your running shoes, grab your travel buddy and get hiking with Lee. You will hike through the Greenwood Conservation Area, and enjoy peaceful time in nature. This hike will also provide ample opportunity for photos - and Lee happens to be a photography wizz, so be sure to bring your camera along with you!

“Latte Art Course” - Ah, coffee. What a lovely word. And now, you can be a coffee hero. Learn how to make your own beautiful latte art with Anastasia or Angela, or both (we have two different latte art courses). Check out both and relish in the delicious scent and flavours as you earn your latte making badges with Toronto locals!


“Personal Toronto Neighbourhood Tours”  - In this detour explore local Toronto with your guide Teodora, who will take you on a tour through Toronto’s most charming neighbourhoods. She will take into account what you want to see and what kind of vibe you’re going for, and create a tailor made experience!


“Explore & Photoshoot” - Ever dreamed of being a model? Your moment has arrived. Aiman will take you through the streets of Toronto and expose you to some of Toronto’s hidden gems. You will learn and have the perfect photos to capture your Toronto experience. Aiman will help make you feel totally yourself in front of the camera!

And thankfully, Toronto has a fantastic international airport to take you onto your next destination - wherever that may be! So get packing, grab a fabulous travel buddy, explore the local experiences, and take a deep breath - I am pleased to tell you that you’re already team number 1, enjoy the “race”.

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