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Hola world travellers! We have a fun new program at Wandure that will appeal to your travel-fancy.

Level 1: Get a Starbucks gift card for 1 referral

Refer one friend, and get one $5 Starbucks gift card. Friends, that is the value of a grande Matcha Latte (in Canada) - so refer and enjoy your next great sip. And once you’ve tasted that silky Matcha, that bold espresso, that creamy flat white (yum), or whichever custom drink you most enjoy you are well on your way. You’re at the equivalent of Wandure base camp.  Now you can breathe in the fresh air, and move on to step 2!

Great. We love your love for Wandure. So get this -if you refer 50 friends to Wandure, you get $100 worth of travel loot sent straight to your doorstep! This might include gifts from around the world.. Tea from India? Yes. Chocolate from Costa Rica? Yes. Handmade decor from Ghana? Yes! A Wandure Mystery Box, filled with wonder. You are well on your way to the peak of the Wandure mountain. Let's move onto Level 3.

If you manage to refer 250 friends, then you are GUARANTEED this trip to MEXICO.

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Fun News from Wandure: WIN a trip for 2 to MEXICO

Level 3: I am in love with Wandure  - the experiences, the travel buddies. Amazing.

Thank you as always for your support of and membership in the Wandure community - we are thrilled to have you!

- Your Wandure Team

May 22nd, 2019

By Chelsea Sauvé


Level 2: I like Wandure, and am finding it totally useful

We have created a rewards program so that you have the chance to gain big from referring your friends to the Wandure community. Refer and Earn friends, Refer & Earn. Want to see it for yourself? Check it out in the Rewards section on your Wandure app. Quick disclaimer, to qualify as a referral, your friend has to download the app and create a travel buddy profile.

So let’s address this by level of enthusiasm, aptly termed “Levels of Love for Wandure”. Now we’re going to virtually hike up these levels of Wandure love (bear with me, my hiking heart is so happy).


Levels of Wandure Love

You have reached level 3 Wandure love. Well done! Now is the tough part, but thankfully the views are fabulous from up here. They include white sand beaches, vast ocean, and blue, blue skies. That’s right -  if you refer 250 friends to Wandure, you will win an all expenses paid trip for two to MEXICO. For a referral to count, your referred friend must create a travel buddy profile once they've downloaded the app - which is easy and fun, and their travel spirit will sing once they have it! If you manage to refer 250 friends, then you are GUARANTEED this trip to MEXICO. So it’s simple math - 250 referrals = one GUARANTEED trip for two to Mexico! Pretty fabulous isn’t it?

So start referring and get packing. Don’t forget your sunscreen for your sun filled vacation ahead! I bet you can already feel that cool ocean breeze.